By definition, therapy is a psychological treatment for a mental disorder or any other problem causing psychological distress in a person. It is also a process of accompanying the person in understanding himself or herself and what is preventing happiness.

Undertaking therapy is not an easy process, but numerous studies prove that the majority of psychotherapies well conducted give good results and that the success of the therapy depends above all on the motivation and commitment of the subject. The relationship between the person and the psychotherapist is also a key factor in predicting the outcome of treatment.

The most important thing about therapy is your motivation to change and your commitment to the process. Taking this step is not easy, which is why we provide you with professionally written resources to help you in this process.

Psychologist for children, teenagers and parents

Conversation with Dr. Lisa Campisi, child (parent) and adolescent psychologist

Dr. Campisi will start her services on the Meetual platform in April 2022. The team asked her a few questions to introduce her to the ...
Virtuality, the sequel

Virtuality, the sequel

I know that my ideas as to why virtual therapy is so useful might be wrong. What I do know for certain is that clients ...
Psychoéducatrice à Meetual - Danielle Perrier

The first psychoeducator at Meetual

Welcome ! I am Danielle Perrier, psychoeducator specializing in toddlerhood and early intervention.
How many layers does a psychotherapy have - Meetual

How many layers does a psychotherapy have?

When we start a therapy, how long will it take? how many different stages will it have? Of course the answer depends on many variables. ...
Virtuality (with a team)

Virtuality (with a team)

As a psychologist, changing from a presential mode to a virtual one was not easy. I am glad I embraced virtuality and I feel great ...
Psychologist: answers on the prejudices and stereotypes of the profession

Psychologist: answers on the prejudices and stereotypes of the profession

Most people have stereotypes. Psychologists are not exempted. We have stereotypes but there are also many stereotypes about us and "No, I cannot read your ...
Nine, by David Mibashan, Psychologist at Meetual Online Psychotherapy

Nine, by David Mibashan

The “nine status” might lead some people to apply the handbrake and go through life instead of developing it. There aren’t many redeeming points in ...
Une bonne thérapie

A Good Therapy, by David Mibashan

David Mibashan is the new psychologist at Meetual. He speaks English, Spanish and French among other languages. As he wrote in his profile on the ...

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