Online therapy and
industry statistics

The facts behind e-therapy and what it can do to help you become healthier and happier

Key Stats

1 in 5
1 M

Canadians Experience some Type of Mental Illness

Annual cost
$ 1 B

Economic Burden of Mental Health in Canada

$ 1 B

Total Cost of Unmet Canadian Psychotherapy Needs

Wait Times too Long – Unavailable Therapists – Cost Factor

Why Online Therapy?

What is it about?

Online therapy is a flexible, easy way to talk with a licensed mental health professional via online chat or video. Individuals sign up on a website, then find their therapist and schedule a session. We leverage technology by using the Internet and video or chat functions to conduct a live session between an individual and a therapist, when, and where, they feel most comfortable engaging..

Technology can change people’s lives if it makes it easy to access a psychologist when and where needed. Screen reader support enabled.


Efficiency of Online Therapy