Who we are

Meetual is a Quebec company based in Montréal
and specialized in online psychotherapy.

Our mission

To render mental health services available to all by making therapy affordable and accessible to everyone. Our dream is to offer free online psychotherapy services to communities in need.

Our services

Meetual offers remote therapy services. Consultations with registered psychologists (all members of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec [OPQ])  and psychotherapists (all our psychotherapists have a license issued by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec) are held by videoconference, audio and chat


Everyone, including adults, teens, children, and couples, can access Meetual’s online therapy services.


We offer a platform dedicated to psychologists who are member of the OPQ and psychotherapists with a license issued by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec.


We help employers and EAP providers offer the services of accredited therapists available from anywhere.

Health Network

Meetual develops partnerships with healthcare institutions, private clinics, hospitals, associations, and more.

Meetual Founder and President, Sofia Benyahia has long had a great dream: to help young adults do better than her. She regrets that she herself squandered so much mental and emotional energy before age 35, when she discovered psychotherapy and began to change her way of seeing things. In 2016, she launched Pause Thérapie, which became Meetual a few years later. “I decided to create a service that I would have very much needed in my twenties. You always win when you invest in your inner strength.”

Our administrative team

We are a small team of professionals driven by the mission to help more people live better and more happily every day.

Our values? Compassion, responsibility, positivity, transparency, creativity, and of course, having as much fun as possible!

Because the majority of our management team and therapists are women, we decided to use the feminine gender throughout the website and this, without prejudice to the male gender.

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