Psychologists in Montréal

Montréal is the most populous city in the province of Quebec and has a lot to offer. Job opportunities, cultural attractions, festivities, shops, services, and much more. However, life in Montréal can be stressful, as is often the case in big cities. Among other things, this is due to traffic, noise, a large population and the high cost of living. Many Montréalers turn to psychotherapy to find their balance.

Consult a Psychologist in Montréal

Whether you want to consult a therapist for anxiety disorders, depression, professional or personal difficulties or any other psychological condition, several alternatives are available to you in Montréal.

Public services

The advantage of consulting through the public services is that the sessions are free. However, if you are not in distress, the waiting time for psychological help in the public sector can be very long. Consulting a psychologist at a CLSC in Montréal can take over six months.

Private psychologists in Montréal

Getting a consultation with a psychologist in a private office is much faster and you have the advantage of choosing your professional. You tried a psychologist who isn’t really what you’re looking for? Other therapists are available and you will certainly find the best resource for you.

Regarding pricing, the average price of a session with a psychologist in Montréal may be different depending on your neighbourhood (Plateau Mont-Royal, Downtown, Old Montréal, Villeray, etc.). The cost of a session is usually between $90 and $150 for one hour. When deciding to see a psychologist in person in Montréal, you will also need to consider the costs of transportation and parking, as well as travel time.

Consult an Online Psychologist

Did you know that it is possible to see a psychologist without leaving your home? In fact, you can consult from anywhere, as long as you have a reliable Internet connection.

If you are wondering about its effectiveness, know that online therapy is a great option according to several studies. The advantage of an online therapy service is that one can see a psychologist quickly, confidentially and securely, without having to travel. Plus, you can book an appointment online in real time, which makes it simple.

Private psychologists in Montréal

Meetual is a Quebec company based in Montréal and specialized in online psychotherapy.

With Meetual, you can consult a psychologist who is a member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec or a psychotherapist with a license issued by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec by video, audio and chat. Everyone, including adults, teenagers, children and couples, can use Meetual’s services.

Online Psychologists Who Serve Clients in the Montréal Area

Meetual, the online therapy platform provides you with psychologists who are members of the OPQ:

Paola psychologue Meetual

Paola Maria Akl Moanack

Specialties: Personal issues, professional issues, couple and family issues, difficult situations of life, food-related issues, sleep-related issues, addiction, violence and abuse, physical health

Years of experience: 13

Profile: Paola María Akl Moanack, Head of Clinical Development at Meetual, is one of the pioneers of online psychotherapy in Quebec. With more than 13 years of clinical experience, she has invested the last two years in the online clinic which offers a versatile practice catering to a diverse clientele in age, cultural background, sexual orientation, and reasons for consultation. She uses an approach influenced by ethnopsychiatry, the differential approach and the systemic approach. Ethnopsychiatry considers that culture is fundamental to understanding and dealing with human difficulties. The differential approach gives importance to the path taken by everyone in their lives and takes into account the fact that everyone is different and unique (everyone understands and interprets reality from their own referents). Finally, the systemic approach addresses human problems taking into account how the systems (groups) in which people are immersed affect their life dynamics.

Types of consultations: Individual therapy sessions

Pay on the go pricing: $39/20 minutes (up to 60 minutes)

Insurance receipts available.

Online Psychotherapists Who Serve Clients in the Montréal Area

Meetual, the online therapy platform provides you with psychotherapists with a license issued by the OPQ