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Finding help from a professional who understands family relationships and dynamics is an important step towards a renewed family balance.

First consultation

First, we need to establish who is seeking the consultation. We may meet one or more family members on this occasion. Here’s how to book your first appointment:

  1. Access the Meetual platform
  2. Create an account using your own details. If you are creating an account for your child, please provide your child’s details.
  3. Explore the list of specialists and choose the one that best suits your needs. You can change specialist if necessary.
  4. Check the specialist’s availability and choose the date and time of your appointment.
  5. Complete the enrolment and consent form. If you are booking an appointment for your child, please fill in your child’s details. The consent form is different if you are under 14; in this case, the parents or guardian must sign it.
  6. Confirm the appointment by entering the type of appointment:
    1. Individual: at least 40 minutes for the first consultation.
    2. Couple: The term “couple” also applies to family sessions and lasts 80 minutes. It’s important that the partner create an account by clicking on the link sent in the e-mail with the subject line “Register for Meetual”.
  7. You will receive confirmation of your appointment by e-mail.
    On the day of your session :
    • Log in to your account,
    • Go to the “Appointments” tab
    • Click on the “Attend” button. Your specialist will welcome you to the session.


We play games and we ask questions so that both children and the specialist learn to get to know each other. There are different methods to get children of any age to express themselves.


We can immediately get to the heart of what matters. Privacy is also a key, so the specialist will emphasize that this is a safe and private place for teens to speak freely.


We know how hard it is sometimes to be a parent. With your help, we’ll find the best solution for you and your family.

What We Treat

Our professionals are qualified to deal with several issues. Some examples are listed below. The complete list of specialties can be found in each professional profile.

  • School adjustment
  • Troubled teenagers, relationship conflicts between parents and teenagers
  • Parental alienation
  • Anxiety
  • Autism (PDD)
  • Parent coaching
  • Intellectual deficiency 
  • Attention deficit 
  • Behavioral, language or socialization difficulties
  • Giftedness
  • Child showing development problems
  • Child showing signs of depression, fear of failure, low self-esteem
  • Child leaving with separation challenges
  • Troubled parents, misunderstandings, conflicts, fears
  • Family problems
  • Sleep disorders
Suivi professionnel pourles enfants d’âge préscolaire - Meetual

For preschoolers

Sometimes, we can help as soon as the child can speak and we focus on parental coaching to support parents in their interventions with their child.

  • We play games
  • We draw
  • There are several ways to communicate with a preschooler

For school-aged children and teenagers

Sometimes, for instance when we deal with an anxiety disorder, it is rather around school age, 5 or 6 years old, that it’s better for the child to meet the specialist. If the child can read, it makes the work easier.


What teenagers really need is privacy and confidentiality. Then the therapeutic alliance is gradually strengthened. We are not here to judge but to help teenagers reach their full potential.

For parents

Parental coaching supports parents in their interactions with their children. We use several approaches to help regain family balance.



We will start by assessing the situation you are experiencing 


Appropriate interventions

We will agree together on the appropriate interventions and their implementation



Possible solutions will take into account your strengths and your family specificities

We connect you with highly skilled professionals

Our licensed professionals each have more than ten years of experience. You are in good hands.

Lowest rates in Quebec City

Chat - Audio - Video From 39$/20 minutes

Confidential platform

Secure and easy to use

No waiting time

Eliminate scheduling and travel issues

Highly skilled specialists

You can view the license of each of our specialists in their profile.

Chanel Doiron

Social worker - 10 years of practice

Specializing in parenting coaching, teens and adults (ages 11 and up). Chanel Doiron’s expertise also covers stress management, depression and anxiety. Her goal is to help you find solutions that make sense for you, with an emphasis on awakening your inner richness, even in difficult times.

Languages : Français, anglais.

Rates : 44$/20 min, 88$/40 min, et 132$/60 min. 

Danielle Perrier - Psychoéducatrice Meetual

Danielle Perrier

Psychoeducator - 10 years of practice

Parental coaching. Psychoeducational follow-up: intervention plan, tools, support for the family. Functional analysis of behavior. Positive parenting. Collaborative approach.

Languages : English, french.

Rates :  42$/20 min, 84$/40 min, et 126$/60 min. 

Lisa Campisi - Psychologue Meetual

Lisa Campisi

Psychologist - 13 years of practice

Developmental disorders, behavioral issues, social difficulties, school difficulties, adaptation, attachement, anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties. Lisa Campisi has over 13 years experience as a clinical psychologist in Quebec and internationally. 

Languages : English, french.

Rates : 46$/20 min, 92$/40 min, et 138$/60 min. 

Do you have questions ?

Meetual’s team is here to help. If your question does not appear among parent’s most frequently asked questions, please send an email to We do our best to get back within 24 hours.

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