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We take mental health seriously. All our professionals are accredited in Québec and rigorously selected.

Meetual offers a mental health professional adapted to you and your situation. Use our search tool to find a therapist for your specific needs.

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Sample Reasons
for a Consultation

  • Personal issues (stress, anxiety, depression, self-confidence, etc.)
  • Couple and family issues
  • Professional issues
  • PTSD
  • Development/education/ schooling
  • Difficult situations of life
  • Food-related issues
  • Sleep-related issues
  • Behavioral dependencies
  • Violence and abuse
  • Physical health

And more…

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Why Consult an
Online Therapist?

In addition to its scientifically proven effectiveness, online therapy offers many other benefits. Some people prefer expressing themselves in writing, others are more comfortable consulting by audio or videoconference at home. Online psychotherapy offers this flexibility.

No more commuting, just find an Internet connection to start your psychotherapy. People living in remote areas now have easy and safe access to mental health services.

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