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Post pandémic - David Mibashan

Post pandemic

The question I kept asking myself was: Are we coming out of the pandemic in the same way we entered it?

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Virtuality, the sequel
David Mibashan

Virtuality, the sequel

I know that my ideas as to why virtual therapy is so useful might be wrong. What I do know for certain is that clients

Holidays and honesty - Meetual
David Mibashan

Holidays and honesty

These holidays are a good occasion to be honest with ourselves. The good things that we have or that we lack, the events that happened

On becoming a therapist | Meetual
David Mibashan

On becoming a therapist

We do not become psychologists magically. Usually our pasts have brought us to study psychology to understand, to help others, to help ourselves.

David Mibashan


Breaking up the chain of abuse. It is not easy to take a stand and change, protecting their children instead of mistreating them.

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