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How to develop self-confidence and live better in love, professionally or with others? How to have a good mental health? Our professionals offer you their tips and experiences online for free in the section Psychological Advice.

Good mental health is not the absence of problems in life, but a state of well-being and the ability to face difficulties in a healthy and positive way. Psychological advice helps you build your mental health through reliable advice and information to cultivate this state of mind.

Meetual brings together several specialists: psychologists, psychotherapists, sexologists … Who will address for you various topics of everyday life. Find psychological advice reviewed by accredited professionals.

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On becoming a therapist | Meetual

On becoming a therapist

We do not become psychologists magically. Usually our pasts have brought us to study psychology to understand, to help others, to help ourselves.



Breaking up the chain of abuse. It is not easy to take a stand and change, protecting their children instead of mistreating them.

Forgive me not

Forgive me not

An issue that appears every so often in therapy is about forgiving. Many clients deal in therapy with issues that happened years ago, mostly in childhood and adolescence

Symptômes psychologiques : Notre corps nous parle-t-il de manière indirecte?

Psychological symptoms: Is our body speaking in indirect ways?

Sometimes we get signals that lead us to believe that something is different in our bodies and we need to have that checked out in case it is a physical illness or condition.

Nine, by David Mibashan, Psychologist at Meetual Online Psychotherapy

Nine, by David Mibashan

The “nine status” might lead some people to apply the handbrake and go through life instead of developing it. There aren’t many redeeming points in being a nine.

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