Meetual Rates
Online Therapy

Take charge of your psychological health for as little as $39 per 20-minute consultation block (60-minute maximum)

Some psychologists charge up to $150 an hour for in-person consultations. At Meetual, our goal is to make psychotherapy accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer an online psychology service at affordable rates.

Therapy pricing options
that fit your needs

  • Certified psychologists, available day and evening
  • Affordable and flexible prices, no tax
  • Quick appointments
  • Tax and insurance receipts
  • Confidential and secure
  • Services available in French and English

Pay as you go therapy sessions

Ideal for individuals who want to try out Meetual and start their journey towards inner balance.

Individual consultations · Couples consultations

Pay as you go

20 minutes
$ 39
  • Video, audio or chat live consultation

Pay as you go

40 minutes
$ 78
  • Video, audio or chat live consultation

Pay as you go

60 minutes
$ 117
  • Video, audio or chat live consultation

As the first consultation is an introduction, it must be at least 40 minutes. A consultation of 60 minutes is always required for Couples Therapy.

To purchase a Pay as you go session for the first time, you must choose a therapist.

Why Invest in
Your Mental Health?

Making your well-being a priority is the key to restoring your psychological balance. Thanks to therapy, you can improve your mental health and live a healthier life.

By seeking the professional help you need today, you’re making a wise choice, both for your health and your finances. Taking action now can help you avoid long-term costs related to a sick leave or more complex interventions.