Frequently Asked Questions

For questions related to the use of the Meetual platform, please consult our User Guide.

Meetual is an online mental heatlh service based in Quebec, available by video, audio and chat. All our specialists are accredited.

The professional who is online can be consulted instantly. If the therapist of your choice is not online, simply select a time slot in her online schedule and show up at the time of the appointment. Generally, you can consult within 24 hours.

Yes, receipts are sent by email.

Meetual offers Pay as you go consultations and a bank of therapy hours at discounted rates.

See our detailed pricing options here.

To purchase a Pay as you go therapy session

If you are a new client:

  1. Choose a therapist
  2. Register
  3. Make an appointment online
  4. Purchase your therapy session

If you are an existing client:

  1. Make an appointment with your therapist
  2. Purchase your therapy session
Many studies show that remote therapy can be just as beneficial.

You can learn about our approach, consult our services, choose your psychologist or psychotherapist, and make your appointments and payments on a mobile device. However, we currently only support the Windows and Mac OS X platforms for our online therapy services.

Sessions are offered depending on the availability of your chosen therapist. The advantage with Meetual is the accessibility of the service; all you need is a computer with a good Internet connection and a quiet place to begin a session.

Because dividing an hour in three 20-minute blocks is the most efficient solution we have found to keep access to mental health services affordable and flexible. 60% of clients choose 40-minute consultations (2 blocks). Why pay for an hour when 40 minutes do the job?

Yes. The maximum is 3 consecutive blocks (60 minutes) for individual therapy. 4 consecutive blocks (1h20 minutes) are mandatory for any couple therapy session.

Your text, audio and video discussions with your psychologist or psychotherapist are strictly confidential. They are in no way accessible to Meetual managers or to anyone other than you and your psychologist. All our psychologists and psychotherapists in their hiring contract, without exception, were required to provide us with documentary evidence of the training they formally undertook to comply with this privacy policy.

Yes. We have entered into clear and ethical agreements with our team of professionals. Your therapist is free to offer services at her office. However, the initial consultation must be done through the Meetual platform. During this consultation, you can make the necessary arrangements with your therapist in order to plan your next appointments. These consultations will be billed in 20-minute increments starting from $39 per block, depending on the therapist you choose.

Each therapist specifies the approach on her page. Nothing prevents you from trying out several approaches.

You decide what type of communication you should use, depending on the situation. Video offers face-to-face communication which is more personal when a computer or phone with a camera is available. However, tension, crises, or other situations pop up unexpectedly. When this happens, it’s nice to have chat and audio options if you aren’t available for an online video session. Chat, for some, is an easier option that offers an instant outlet to express feelings that are perhaps not as easy to express in person. Chat also provides you with access to your exchanges with your therapist at any time. This means you can continue to think about what your therapist said or get inspiration from rereading messages.

Yes. That’s Meetual’s goal. You should learn to instinctively get help every time you need it. Waiting until you’re stressed out is no longer necessary. Taking a break when up against life’s small or big challenges is a good idea.

Yes. Feeling comfortable with your psychologist or psychotherapist is very important. Everything has been designed to make it easier for you to find the best person you can talk to with ease.

Please consult the “Technical difficulties” section of our User Guide. If technical difficulties persist, please access the Technical Support page. From there, you will be able to provide us with details concerning your issue and we will attempt to resolve it as soon as possible. Furthermore, our therapists are trained in dealing with most technical problems.

As stated by the “Guide de pratique concernant la pratique de la télépsychologie” adopted by the “Conseil d’administration de l’Ordre des psychologues du Québec” (The Order) on November 23rd 2013, online services provided by a psychologist or psychotherapist are considered as having been rendered in the province of Quebec, no matter the current location or residence of the person receiving said services. The end result is that the same professional liability insurance applies to services rendered online to a customer that is located inside or outside of Quebec territory.

This also applies to any mandate to monitor the practice of its members on behalf of The Order. So no matter where the client is located, he, or she, can file an ethics complaint to The Order or ask questions concerning the quality of professional services received.