Romantic relationships


Every relationship is unique. It therefore faces its own specific challenges. A love relationship requires from each partner efforts of understanding and adaptation … which does not always come naturally.

The couple sometimes experiences conflicts that put it in danger: disputes, lack of communication, distance, problems with sexuality, infidelity. This leads to a couple therapy. The choice of the professional is then very important, do you need a marital and family therapist? A sexologist? A psychologist or psychotherapist? To find the ideal therapist, identify the reasons for this consultation and then evaluate the options: title of the therapist, training and years of experience, rates, therapeutic approach, …

The couple does not have to be confronted with these problems to consult a psychologist. You can consult a psychologist expert in love relationships to strengthen your couple, to have a clearer understanding of each other’s feelings.

Our psychologists give you their opinions and advice to maintain your couple in the love relationship section.

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