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Psychoéducatrice à Meetual - Danielle Perrier
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Welcome ! I am Danielle Perrier, psychoeducator specializing in toddlerhood and early intervention.

This summer, I was contacted by Sofia Benyahia, founder and president of Meetual. Her curiosity and open-mindedness allowed me to share with her my great passion for psychoeducation


My career path


In 2009, I graduated from UQAM with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. I was already interested in childhood and development. I am inspired by humanism and community psychology

Two children later, in 2013, I received my degree in Behavioral Intervention for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (DESS-TED).

Since the end of my internship in 2011, I have already been working as an ABA therapist with young children with autism or developmental delays at the C-ABA clinic in Montreal.  

I have 10 years of experience working with families and individuals on the autism spectrum. Noting the reality of these families throughout these years, I realized the crucial importance of the parents’ involvement in the intervention with their child.

Thus, wishing to work directly with parents as a professional, in 2014 I began the process to obtain admission by equivalence to the Ordre des psychoéducateurs et psychoéducatrices du Québec (OPPQ)

I was completing the equivalent of a master’s degree, a graduate microprogram in psychoeducation at the University of Montreal and a 540-hour internship in a CLSC, in the Jeunes en Difficulté 0-5 ans program.

Following this long journey (and another child later), I was admitted to the OPPQ in June 2021. I then started my private practice as a psychoeducator



Shared values 


From our first contact, I felt an affinity with the values put forward by Sofia for the Meetual platform. 

Accessibility to professional services and a sincere desire to help people have a better quality of life. 

Her openness and willingness to listen allowed me to share with her the vision of psychoeducation, and it is with enthusiasm that we began our collaboration. 

In my next article, I will describe psychoeducation in more detail. Its origin, its strengths and its applications. I will also have the opportunity, in future articles, to offer you tools and tips on early intervention, stimulation, attachment and positive parenting. 

Parents, I welcome you to Meetual! 

Danielle Perrier, psychoeducator


Picture of Danielle Perrier
Danielle Perrier
Danielle Perrier a obtenu le titre de psychoéducatrice suite à son admission à l’Ordre des psychoéducateurs et psychoéducatrices du Québec (OPPQ). Elle a 10 ans d’expérience en intervention directe auprès d’enfants ayant soit un retard de développement soit un trouble du spectre de l’autisme (TSA). Elle travaille aussi avec la famille, notamment en soutenant les parents et en les guidant dans les stratégies d’intervention avec leur enfant.

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