Promoting continuity in mental and physical healthcare

Meetual and VirtualMED build a bridge between their professionals

Many of our customers ask for online doctors’ referrals.  We collaborate with VirtualMED, a Canadian telemedicine platform dedicated to providing high quality medical care through a direct access to doctors.As we do with our accredited clinical team, VirtualMED makes access to its medical staff easy and affordable. VirtualMED’s medical team developed a mental health support program offering: care, support, follow-up appointments if necessary, with the same assigned doctor. Whether or not you already have your family doctor, they can also help for minor emergencies. The digital age makes our lives easier and healthier.

Sofia Benyahia, founder & CEO of Meetual

Meetual has your health at heart

We teamed up with accredited mental health specialists to help you understand your behaviours, your emotions and your relationship dynamics. In case of distress, or difficulties or simply because you want to become the best version of yourself, we also help you focus on bringing some change to aspects of your life in need of your special attention. 

Some psychological difficulties lead to greater symptoms with negative impact on physical and mental health. Medication is sometimes necessary for relief and psychologists cannot prescribe medication. The bridge between Meetual and VirtualMED aims to overcome this situation. Access is now easy to the designated professional at VirtualMED who would follow up on your medication needs. And we, at Meetual, are pleased to help you both with your mental and your physical health. 

Paola Akl Moanack, psychologist & head of clinical development at Meetual 

Meetual and VirtualMED remain autonomous and independent platforms.