Why Online Therapy & Industry Stats

Key Stats

1 M
1 in 5

Canadians Experience some Type of Mental Illness

$ 1 B
Annual cost

Mental Health Economic Burden in Canada

$ 1 B

Total Cost of Unmet Canadian Psychotherapy Needs

Wait Times too Long - Unavailable Psychologists - Cost Factor

Examples of the Need & Opportunity

Why Online Therapy

What is it?

Online therapy is a flexible, easy way to talk with a certified professional via chat or online video.There’s a website individuals sign up on, then find their psychologist and schedule a session. We leverage technology by using the internet and video, or chat, functions to conduct a live session between an individual and a psychologist, when, and where, they feel most comfortable engaging.

Technology is in place to make an impact on people’s lives with easy access to a psychologist network when, and where, needed.


  • Convenience - use any location where you have an internet connection (home, school, work, traveling, etc.)
  • Greater Privacy - with freedom of location, less stigma occurs for engaging in therapy keeping it private and secure
  • Accessibility - eliminates wait lines or not knowing where to find a psychologist
  • Confidential & Secure - encrypted communication between psychologists and individuals
  • Lower Cost - pay only for the block of time you need - 20 minutes, 40 or 60

Online Therapy Effectiveness

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