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Montreal (Quebec) Canada

Affordable for Everyone

Meetual is a online therapy platform founded on the principle of making psychotherapy affordable for everyone. The service is available in French and English and provides: access to licensed psychologists (members of the Quebec Order of Psychologists) for therapy sessions conducted online.

in French and English

A Unique Solution

Meetual provides quick and confidential access to the services of a psychologist. Whether you are short on time, out of town, live in a remote location with limited access to a psychologist, or have mobility challenges, or are simply uncomfortable attending an in-office session with a psychologist, Meetual offers a new solution.


  • Offers 20-minute sessions seven days a week, via chat or video
  • Provides shorter session options to help reduce therapy costs
  • Offers Psychologists both public and private profiles to extend their practice reach
  • Supports individuals when time is tight and schedules don't allow for longer sessions
  • Gives the option of combining 1-2-3 blocks of 20 minutes (total of 60 minutes), when needed
  • Provides a platform to meet people where they are most comfortable talking

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Anyone can access Meetual online therapy services by signing in and directly connecting with a psychologist of their choice


We look for high-quality, certified professionals to join our network of psychologists to enhance and grow their practice leveraging online technology


We partner with Employers, EAP & Health Benefit Providers, Private & Wellness Clinics, Hospitals, Associations & more

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